GPL was developed by Matilda legend and FFA A-Licence Coach Joey Peters, whose hugely successful professional football career saw her win 110 caps for Australia and represent at three World Cups and the Athens Olympics. Joey's creative play was a foundation of her game, helping her towards countless goals including 28 for the Matildas.

During her career she came across numerous coaching and management styles, and saw first-hand the futility of ego-driven, win-at-all-costs coaching methods.

In a quest to find something better, Joey invested in volumes of research and experiences in various contexts from grassroots to professional club contexts, schools and referencing family and the home environment.

The GPL Philosophy was further developed through a collaboration of coaches in 2013, focusing on learning about the science in Human Behaviour and Development.

From these origins, Game Play Learn with Joey Peters came to life in 2016.


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GPL Facilitators

Join an Online Learning Community of Parents, Coaches and Teachers around the world, desiring to Nurture Passion and Potential in their Learners.
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We challenge you to not just follow GAME PLAY LEARN, but join the Learning Journey!

Our Charter

We Desire to Nurture Passion and Potential through Designing and Facilitating Inspiring Experiences with the Learning Hidden in FUN.

We Believe in Offering Opportunities for players to Nurture their Creativity through Free Play and Self-Autonomy.

We Believe in Letting Kids be Kids and each Individual's right to be included, listened to, and supported in expressing themselves.

Our Leading Values that we respect and consider in all our practices are:

    • CREATIVITY: To us, creativity means individuality and self-expression; Each person is uniquely different in their own right.
    • RELATIONSHIP: We Value the Person over the Performance; They are a Person First, Player Second.
    • FACILITATION: Facilitating means being an 'unobtrusive guide' as apposed to Instructing 
    • DIVERSITY: We value diversity for learning to adapt and be inclusive of  different people (e.g mixed ages), tasks (e.g multi-sport) and environments (e.g. girls only and mixed gender, varying surfaces and conditions)
    • TIME: We are conscious of the tension of time; Living fully in the experience of the moment, whilst valuing 'flow', daydreaming and the long term journey.
    • TRUST: We embrace the complexity of life and learning; We let go of the 'illusion of control' and trust in other Learners capabilities,  and the learning dynamics between the task and environment.

The GAME PLAY LEARN Philosophy

The GPL Philosophy was built on the learnings and contributions of Joey Peters, Brad Porter, Mark O'Sullivan, Andre Gumprecht and Matthew O'Neil.

It is underpinned by theories of Self-Determination (SDT), a Constraints-Led Approach (CLA), and Ecological Dynamics (ED). Our practices are also informed by Skill Acquisition and Non-Linear Pedagogy.

GPL embraces a truly Holistic approach with Individual-Task-Environment Learning to provide a foundation of Principles from which our Vision, Values and Practices are given life.

The GPL Philosophy can be applied to all Sports and Group Contexts including Child Development and Special Needs ('Superbilities')

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Read about the theories which underpin GPL, the real-life experiences informing the approach and the discussion on how we can do better.