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Is Play really that important?

Give the 'Professor of Play' 17 minutes of your life and decide for yourself....

SPOILER Alert...

Ok, so if you don't have 17 minutes right now, The Professor's powerful conclusion is this,

"It's as if we deliberately take away from children everything they need to educate themselves when we put them in schools and then we try very inefficiently and ineffectively to educate them.

I’m absolutely sure that someday people are going to look back at us and say what were those people thinking? Why on earth did they ever believe that coercion is essential for education?'

That’s like believing you have to force people to eat or force people to breathe. What kind of a crazy idea is that?"

the big q

If you're like me, you might be feeling quite overwhelmed with the Big Question we're now faced with:

How can we possibly change what's happening in our schools, on the sporting fields, in our homes, in society? 

Well with GPL we're giving it a good go.

We're calling every Parent, every Coach and Educator to give Play a chance

Where to start? Get back in touch with Play for yourself. Take a walk in nature, stand in the rain. Climb a tree if you have to.

Watch kids, learn from them for they are the kings and queens of Play.

Try out GPL in your environment, and see how possible it really is to bring back the joy of Play to not only yourself but those around you.


Join a Community of PLAY. Get Creative. It's Time for Change.