A Multi-Sport Experience

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Multi-Sport Game Design


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A MULTI-SPORT Experience

Our approach to development embraces the principle of variability and the benefits in having a diverse learning experience.

Multi-Sport is a great way for learners to expand their learning experiences and relate sporting  principles across varying contexts.

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In the following video we show you a Multi-Sport Experience in action, where small-sided multi-games are supervised and even joined in by the coaches, yet it’s obvious that the game is being owned by the young learners and their exploration and self-expression proves first-hand that the game is all they need.


We can send you the GAME DESIGNS to the Multi-Games "BOBSLED" and "SLAM" from the video.

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Q. What did you observe in the video that we can learn about Variability, Multi-Sport, Learner Empowerment, or Other?
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