The Game Play Learn Story

Have you had your world inspired ?

Once there was a little boy whose journey of life began with the tags of down syndrome and autism. For many, the challenges would seem too great, but Tyrese just wanted to be seen as the fine young man he is and not the syndrome. And so our challenge began. Through being privileged to share in Tyrese’s learning journey, I have had my own world inspired to bring the gift of GAME PLAY LEARN to life.



Hey, I’m Joey Peters, And I’m a proud mum of eight, yes EIGHT kids, including Tyrese. I also had a successful playing career as a professional footballer and have been coaching  full-time  since retiring. I’ve experienced Performance programs working with senior players and now have a passion for Kids Sport and desiring a better experience for us to explore potential.

Joanne Peters (2010) FFA Hall of Fame

To combine the inspirations of  children and sport, applying The Game Play Learn Approach at home and as a coach has fit beautifully into relating and supporting others. Still the greatest learning I’ve had is through seeing life through the eyes of this special young man Tyrese, who has influenced my coaching now to see each child, and constantly inspires GAME PLAY LEARN. Design the GAME – Let them Play – Watch them Learn.


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DESIGN THE GAME uses Learning Design to stimulate holistic intelligence, explore creativity and engage in a community.


LET THEM PLAY empowers the child to explore new boundaries through the power of PLAY. Play is crucial for developing strategy, working with others, creativity and self-expression.


WATCH THEM LEARN enables a natural learning process not by instruction but by experience. An opportunity for each child to own their growth by actively participating in decisions and solutions.


For those interested in learning more of our underpinning theory and methodology research, here are some key principles influencing the Game Play Learn approach.

A flexible framework where we design around emerging information, underpinned by sound developmental principles

Our Team

We are a group of learning enthusiasts. Our own findings from years of experience in parenting, sport and research has drawn us towards seeking continual education so we can provide an engaging environment for kids to explore their own unique potential.



A former Matilda, Joey’s passion and experience in sport along with supporting learners sees her invested in bringing the Game Play Learn approach to life.
“It is our responsibility as adults, to give freedom back to the child by not interrupting their game experience (in organised sport) and as facilitators, cultivating a playful, creative culture where so much natural ‘learning about the world’ takes place”.




Not just a pretty face!
11 kids and counting, Maggie will never admit to being a super mum but her big heart and wise words are gold for all those who are lucky enough to see and hear.

“Mothering, life, learning.
Making time for play.
All in the one joinery,
Called parenting.”




This guy is a guru in disguise! Unassuming, with a big heart, this BFG puts family first. But to discuss, learn and collaborate with him is pure joy and pure gold!

“The children, who are at the centre of attention for the learning activities, are also some of the primary tools, resources and systems for enacting it.”

Martial Arts Coaching Philosophy

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