Adults Back Off!

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Adults Back Off!

Adults Back Off!

We’ve gone too far. We’ve put our own agendas, egos and even our good intentions ahead of the child’s needs. GAME PLAY LEARN

We need to back off and stop squashing kids potential. And it’s not just their potential to be successful, but their potential just to experience their own journey.

If we think we know best, and we’re the experts, we better know what the kids NEEDS are and be upholding their RIGHTS.

Now let’s stop. Deep breath. First, let’s take the PRESSURE off ourselves. Can we let go of striving for success through winning, performing and improving and just focus on the kids?

The pressure we’re putting on ourselves to be ‘best parent’, ‘best coach’, ‘best teacher’ is drawing us away from what matters:

‘It’s not about the coach and their coaching; It’s about the learner and their learning.’ - Brad Porter

So let’s come back to the child’s RIGHTS and NEEDS.


Self-Determination Theory gave us a big clue of the 3 Basic Human Needs in our previous blog post Growing the Love of a Game.
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child inspired our PLAYERS RIGHTS CHARTER reminding us of their rights.

It’s here that we stop with all the pressure and embrace the journey. A journey of another human being. Even as parents and expert coaches or professionals and educators, each individual is their own person on their own journey.

And support them we must; Protect them we will; Provide for them we do.

But we also seek opportunities for AUTONOMY: to have ownership over their lives, be given the greatest gift of all - choice and making decisions for themselves.

We recognise the need for each child to express COMPETENCY: to explore their own capacities and abilities that grows a sense of confidence and self-worth.

And the freedom to be independent as well as experience connection and interdependence with others fulfilling the need for RELATEDNESS.

They have a right to ENJOY, PLAY and EXPRESS themselves and not conform to adult values.




It’s in the streets, playgrounds and backyards that there are no adults interfering. It’s when a group of kids come together that there’s autonomy, competency and relatedness in every dynamic.

So are we meant to just let kids run rampant in the neighbourhoods again, forbid technology and shut down the institutions?

If only we could turn back time, but we can’t. We must move forward and evolve with the times.

This means we need a new way to provide the benefits of the ‘street’ experience whilst:

  • Keeping them safe yet encouraging exploration and risk taking.
  • Providing a dynamic, engaging environment so that even technology comes a distant second
  • Empower their collective intelligence, and not be instructed:


This is where GAME PLAY LEARN comes to the for as an evolving, child-centred approach to engage and empower young people through a GAME SETTING:

     and remember it’s about the child on their own journey to explore their own world of potential.

  • uphold their rights

    and provide a safe environment to fulfil their basic needs.


    FInd a new way to facilitate an empowering and engaging environment through games.

Stop! Do You need to Back off?

Check your agenda, Check your ego and most importantly, Check with the kids!

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