Why Technique does not need to be taught

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Why Techique Does Not need to be Taught: Part One

The purpose of this piece then, hopes to move us on from the traditional focus on technical training towards a modern view that accepts perception/action cannot be separated, that there are varying functional solutions to a complex … Read More

Drills vs Games

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Drills vs Games

We often get asked this question by kids and parents, ‘Why aren’t we doing any drills?’ The science of Skill Acquisition has evolved. Traditionally, football coaching wisdom has led us to believe that to improve a … Read More


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  I have a right to learn and explore the game through both structured and un-structured PLAY. I have a right to a safe-to-fail environment, where mistakes are seen as a necessary part of LEARNING. … Read More

Kids are not mini adults

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kids are not mini adults

While we can all get hung up at times on player development, training methodology, practice design and all those other adult-driven concepts which give us the illusion that we are in control of the process … Read More

Multi-Sport, Multi-Important!

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FC Barcelona Multi-Sport Basketball

[If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of Multi-Sport and its adversary Early Specialisation, please scroll down to the orange headings to find out then continue reading] “BUT WHAT IF IT’S NOT PRACTICAL?!” There is … Read More