GPL Courses


So you want to Facilitate The GPL Way?

In all the Courses We share the WHY, the WHAT and the HOW To’s of  The GAME PLAY LEARN Framework:

Design the GAME 

Let them PLAY

Watch them LEARN

REFLECT on your own Coaching methods, and we will give you Tasks to test out The GPL Way in your own Coaching Environment.

What you will learn is:

  • How to provide Dynamic Learning Environments and Engaging Experiences for your Participants..AND make Leading more enjoyable while you’re at it! There have been some wonderful stories of new-found FUN and FREEDOM, CREATIVITY and CONNECTION for Players AND Coaches through Facilitating The GPL Way.
  • How to Facilitate a group of players of any age group and any sport. The GPL Way can actually be Facilitated to lead all groups of people. The common Values and Principles can be applied across contexts.

GPL Online Courses are facilitated through a Private Facebook Group, Email and the website.

They are the most formalised and structured Learning Opportunities where we deliberately explore and research relevant topics of GAME PLAY LEARN, then try them out and share our experiences.

Most are 3 weeks duration, just enough time to explore some of the philosophy, try it out for yourself and get to know other Facilitators on the GPL Journey.

A sample Weekly Schedule of a 3 Week Interactive Course is:

SUNDAY NIGHT GROUP LIVES: Interactive Opportunities hosted by Founder Joey Peters to introduce, discuss and reflect on the Course Topics.

TUESDAYS: An Email is sent with Reference Blog Posts, Videos and Tasks to research, watch and try out for yourself.

THURSDAY WORKSHOPS: on the private Facebook Group, Joey Peters hosts various means of workshopping: From Presentations on the Research and Discussions with Special Guests, to Bushwalking and hosting ‘Watch Parties’. It’s another Interactive Learning Opportunity!

EVERYDAY WE’RE GPLing: You’re encouraged to post your Thoughts, Sessions and GPL Experiences on the Private Facebook Group as well. The more you can contribute and engage, obviously the more you will understand the Framework, be confident to try it out and start seeing the benefits of not only seeing your Learners thriving, but enjoying the experience more yourself as well.

Each Interaction takes approximately 30-40 minutes so it’s at least a 1:30 - 2 hour undertaking each week during the course.



Course 1. A New Way of Coaching

Moving FROM Traditional Coaching methods TO Dynamic, Engaging Learning Environments. We explored 8 Topics in 5 Weeks!

From Teaching To Learning; Results to Relationship; Coaching to Facilitating; Control To Trust; Motivator to Observer; Training to Playing; Exclusive to Inclusive; Structure to The Street.

Course 2. Introducing The GPL Way

What are the VALUES of a Dynamic Learning Environment? We explored 5 Leading Values of The GPL Way:

Nurturing and Embracing: Relationship, Diversity, Facilitating, Time and Trust

Course 3. Facilitating The GPL Way Framework

We shared HOW TO: Design The GAME - Let them PLAY - Watch them LEARN

Understanding each concept of the Framework and yet the interaction between Games, Playing and Learning is a wonderful vehicle for Nurturing Passion and Potential in not only our Learners but ourselves as Leaders and our role as Facilitators.

 3 course Series


Let’s Dive Deeper into GAME PLAY LEARN over the next 3 MONTHS giving a full 3 weeks to each of the Framework components:

COURSE 4: Design the GAME

‘We become Learning Designers and create games with our Learners to suit the context and their needs.’


Exploring Multi-Sport

Exploring Environment Design - Form of Life, Cultures

Exploring the Constraints-Led Approach

Exploring Types of Games - Elimination Games, Game Integrity

Exploring A Place for Winning and Competition

Exploring Common Games with a Game Play Learn lens!

COURSE 5: Let them PLAY

‘Giving the Learner freedom to explore new boundaries, express imagination and grow a love of playing.’

We shouldn’t put the Game ahead of Play. The Game is to give the affordance of Play!


Exploring a Self-Determined Environment.

Exploring the Value of Play, The Decline of Play

Exploring How Fun Transforms Behaviour

COURSE 6: Watch them LEARN

Enable a natural learning process through experience and playing independently of any teacher. We take a back seat and become ‘The Observing Presence’.

Exploring Why we value Observing and Trusting the Learning Dynamics


Exploring Developing Self-Confidence, Social-Connection, Skill-Competencies

Exploring Creativity

Exploring our own Self-Learning as Facilitators!

Let’s learn together, exchange ideas and experiences and have some FUN!

This is more than just an Online Course,

it’s an Experience to kick-start change in Sport



 Here’s a BONUS!

We’ll also include Our Introductory Game Designs and GPL Session Guide to get you started!


GPL Introductory Game Designs

‘Learn THE GAME, By Playing THE GAME’ These 6 Games (with Soccer as the example) make a small change to The Game but make a BIG difference to Learning. There’s no need to be overwhelmed in finding new Games to play and sessions to plan. There’s enough variation here to just use these Game for the whole season. What is your Team’s favourite Game?

This simple Session Guide will help you remember what’s important in the Session, strain with the Context for the day. Who are you with? When is the session? Why are they there? Design the GAME - What Game does your team want to play and Facilitate what the rules will be? Then it’s time to PLAY - How many Players do you have, How many teams do you need and How long will the Games go for? You can then Watch them LEARN - Observe, Reflect and explore Ideas.


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