GPL Online Course


Try out The GPL Way for yourself and your Learners!

GPL Online Courses are currently 3 weeks duration, just enough time to explore some of the philosophy, try it out for yourself and start to get to know other Facilitators on the GPL Journey. We then have a week or 2 break to reflect and rest, and go again at the beginning of each month. There’s so much to explore, it really is a continual learning journey.

The above image is the current weekly schedule of ‘LIVE’ Learning Opportunities which are hosted by Founder Joey Peters: Sundays and Thursdays on the private Facebook Group and Tuesdays emails are sent with Blog Post/Video References to read/watch. Each take approximately 30-40 minutes so it’s 1:30 - 2 hours commitment a week.

Plus there’s opportunities for you and other Participants to post on the Private Facebook Group as well. The more you can contribute and engage, obviously the more you will understand the framework, be confident to try it out and start seeing the benefits of not only seeing your Learners thriving, but enjoying the experience more yourself as well.

The content remains on Facebook, so if you’re not available for the LIVE, the recordings are available to go through in your own time.

Facilitating The GPL Way

What’s VALUABLE in a Dynamic Learning Environment?

HOW do we Nurture an Individual’s Potential?

WHY use a Facilitative Coaching Method?

We share the  WHY and the HOW To’s of  The GAME PLAY LEARN Framework:

Design the GAME 

Let them PLAY

Watch them LEARN

GAME PLAY LEARN is here to provide Coaches and Communities a simple yet powerful Framework for Nurturing Potential in a Dynamic Learning Environment. 

To Facilitate The Framework, understanding the underpinning VALUES is crucial in applying them, as is recognising the difference in Coaching Methods and Contexts.

REFLECT on your own Coaching methods, and we will give you Tasks to test out The GPL Way in your own Coaching Environment.

There has been some wonderful stories of Coaches seeing players with new-found FUN and FREEDOM, CREATIVITY and CONNECTION through Facilitating The GPL Way.

You will learn how to provide a Dynamic Learning Environment and Engaging Experiences for your Participants.. AND make Coaching, Teaching and Parenting more enjoyable while you’re at it!

LAST COURSES in 2019 are 3 weeks duration:

COURSE 4: September 1st - 22nd

COURSE 5: October 6th - 27th

COURSE 6: November 3rd - 24th



Joey Peters

A Message from GPL  Founder and Facilitator JOEY PETERS

Do The GPL Online Experience with me!

Hi, Joey Peters here, I would personally like to invite you to do The GPL Online Experience with me so I can share with you the Leading Values that underpin The GAME PLAY LEARN Framework to Nurture passion and potential.

GPL has really changed my whole worldview and particularly in all the various Sporting environments I’ve experienced from Backyards and Grassroots, to Professional Clubs and World Cups.

I WAS the Traditional Coach. I WAS the structured, instructional ‘professional’ who wanted to be the best and expected that for my Players as well.

That controlling, stressful world took a toll on me and the Players I worked with.

I needed change.

They needed change.

GPL has made such a big difference in my own professional and personal life as well as seeing players enjoy and improve their sport so much more than before.

“GPL has helped me relax and enjoy Coaching so much more”

This is some of what Parents have said about their family’s GPL Experience 

  • “The Kids kept talking about GPL all week. Hudson liked the Music, the Playing and no-one yelling at him. More people need to know about this unique approach to getting kids active and building self-confidence. My boys are loving it and I can really see improvement already in their resilience and independence.” Carissa Brown, Parent
  • “Tom has enjoyed this sport’s relaxed, fun and energy. He has had a wonderful time and met lots of new friends, on his team and opposing teams. The smiles on children’s faces every week are magical. This is how Sport should be!” - Bron Flanagan, Parent to suit 

This is more than just an Online Course,

it’s an Experience to kick-start change in Sport


We reveal The Leading Values that are designed to help you shift from Traditional Coaching Methods to Nurturing the Individual through The GPL Way.By understanding the differences between Coaching methods, it’s our hope that you will begin to see the world differently and be able to be more conscious to create something new in your environment.

We also explore The HOW To’s of The GPL Way. But rather than just copying us, it’s about being able to understand the Values and Underpinning Theories to Create your own Dynamic Learning Environment with your Learners to suit their needs and context.

The  GPL Online Experience includes:

  • Exclusive Access to The GPL Community Facebook Group for video workshops, questions, discussions and collaborating with The GPL Community and other Facilitators during the Experience.
  • Each Week we’ll email you a Blog Post with Tasks and Reflections to try out in your Environment.
  • Specific support for YOUR context and needs with Joey Peters and the GPL Team. For example, do you want to explore more of or are you passionate about a particular Focus Area? Game Design? Facilitating? Relationships? Trusting? Perhaps it’s something we haven’t covered here. Wherever you’re at, we will serve your requests and support your Individual Journey and Learn with you!
  • All research and written material is provided via exclusive website content and will be collated in an E-Book Resource for your own keeping.

From these Values you will be more aware of the difference in Coaching methods and therefore able to start Facilitating The GPL Way and bringing it to life in your environment.

 Here’s a BONUS!

We’ll also include Our Introductory Game Designs and GPL Session Guide to get you started!


The Next Course is

Course 4: September 1 -22

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