Local Club Offerings


A unique opportunity for the Newcastle Region (NSW, Australia):

Experience JP & GPL at your place in 2020


Q. Are you looking to expand your player numbers?

Q. Are you after quality coaching for developing your players?

Q. Are you open to innovative and creative ways provide a great experience for your members?

GPL Events is a door opener to give your club a real X-Factor in your Community.

Don’t work harder, work smarter. Actually Don’t work hard, have FUN!

Joey Peters is able to lead various Events with your key members according to YOUR needs with the view to your Community being able to lead your own Official GPL Event.

Whether its Seasonal Player Development Programs, Small-Sided Competitions or One-off Sessions, give your players, parents and coaches a fresh look into creating an exciting environment where kids can have fun, be social, whilst improving skill and being as Competitive as ever!

– YES, IT IS for all Ages and Abilities-

JOEY PETERS played 110 Games for the Matildas (The Australian Women’s National Football Team) over a 13 year International Playing Career (1996 – 2009) including 3 FIFA World Cups and the Athens Olympic Games.

After retiring from Playing Professional Football in 2009, Joey has continued her passion for Sport in the Coaching space with experience in Grassroots to Professional Learning Environments attaining C, B and A Advanced Coaching Licences through FIFA, Asia (AFC) and Australian (FFA) Football Federations. Peters has now developed her own Coaching Methodology GAME PLAY LEARN which ‘Hides Learning In FUN’ and provides dynamic, motivating learning environments to Inspire and Nurture Passion and Potential for each unique individual.

THERE ARE 2 MAIN OPPORTUNITIES FOR Local CLUBS  IN the newcastle region in 2020:


There’s an opportunity for a limited number of Local Clubs and Schools in the Newcastle Region to provide an Indoor Sports experience for your Players.

Whether you use it for a wet-weather venue or providing your players with a unique, development opportunity, this will be the X-Factor in relation to nurturing Passion and Potential in your Community.

Come and see the place for yourself, players love the Mini Court which provides Small-Sided Games benefits, as well as exploring the different Multi-Sport challenges available.

  • Costing, Insurances, Promotion and Registration
    • GPL has full cover Insurance as well as ensuring Participant Permissions
    • Committed to a combined promotional effort to reach all and potential new members.
    • Registration Fees can be covered by the Club or as a ‘User Pay’ system.


Host a GPL Event or Program for your Pre, During and Post Season Calendar.

Host an Event at your club:

  • Choose One Evening, a Weekend Event or offer a Weekly Program (Newcastle Region, Australia only)
  • For Juniors, Youth, Women’s, Coaches, Parents or Whole of Club initiatives.
  • Ideas for Events: Season Launch Weekend | Coach Development Weekend | Female Football Week | Pre-Season ‘Skills’ Program |’In-house’ Small-Sided Competition | In-Season Player Development Program | End of Season Event | Post Season Multi-Sport Program.


  • A GPL Event Includes:
    • Joey Peters and her team take care of everything from registration and communication with Key Club Contacts, to set-up and providing equipment. We don’t want to add an ‘extra’ workload for members yet involvement from all is welcome.
    • Joey Articulates The GPL Approach throughout the Event and welcomes input and questions from Club members i.e. Coaches and Parents in relation to:
      • Explaining the carefully designed Games for Age-Appropriate Play and their benefits
      • How to work with kids and/or girls to draw out each individual’s potential and unleash creativity.
      • How to give choice and let players make more decisions in a session.
      • How to nurture intrinsic motivation and a love of the game.
      • How to deal with competition and encourage competitiveness without pressure.
    • Club members, Coaches and Parents are welcome to join in the Event as a Player and try out Facilitating the GPL Way as well.
  • The GPL Approach also covers all aspects of Football Development and Programs can be designed to provide a specific focus for your player’s needs. Focus Ideas include:
      • Skill Acquisition & Creative Play
      • Tactical and Strategical ‘Game Sense’
      • A Tournament Experience
      • Multi-Sport Games
      • Football Conditioning Games (18+)

Provide a venue and Joey can run the Event around an organizational agreement including:

  • Numbers: 
    • Group numbers and types are flexible and inclusive.
    • Approximate Ratio of Facilitator: Player is 1:40 (This then welcomes ‘Assistants’ of Teams.


  • Area Required:
    • Juniors and Youth: Half x Full Field (Approx. 60 x 80m)
    • Seniors: Full Field (Approx. 120 x 80m)
  • Club Facilities and Equipment:
    • Canteen Taking Opportunities for the Club
    • Field Area, Power, Water, Shelter, Storage and Amenities required.
    • Equipment welcomed – Miniroos Goals (Netted)
  • Costing, Insurances, Promotion and Registration
    • GPL has full cover Insurance as well as Participant Permissions
    • A combined promotional effort to reach all and potential new members.
    • Registration Fees can be covered by the Club or as a ‘User Pay’ system.


Football Clubs Event and GPL Sport

Football Clubs Event and GPL Sport

Football Clubs can book a GPL Event for your Season Calendar or for Local Clubs to secure an Indoor Training Venue for the upcoming season.

Applying for: *
Preferred Groupings
GPL SPORT BELMONT Weekly Booking (Minimum 10 weeks)
Days Available from 4:00pm - 8:30pm