The Online Facilitators Experience


Facilitators Experience

WELCOME TO The Online Facilitators Experience!

Come behind the scenes of A GAME PLAY LEARN EVENT  >> The FIRST ULTIMATE MULTI-SPORT EXPERIENCE for Kids 6-12  

We will share with you how to implement the Learning Theory for developing kids potential in a Practical Setting. All whilst aiming for an Ultimate FUN kids approval!

GAME PLAY LEARN Combines a Love of Sport with the Power of Play
We really are finding The Approach pretty spectacular in engaging all-ages, all-learners in a experience similar to a family, sport and educational context all-in-one. We’re pretty proud to be seeing this approach come to life.
Giving kids space to play really affords them choice, confidence and connection with others, fulfilling their basic human needs to create a  Self-Determined, Relational Approach to development.
We are no longer feeling trapped in ‘overly constrained’ environments where structure, adult control and correction are valued, but rather are enjoying seeing the benefits of the self-expressive and positive, game and play based approach to learning.

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The Online Facilitators Experience
Please share a brief introduction to yourself and your experience with sport