The Online Facilitators Experience


Facilitators Experience

WELCOME TO The Online Facilitators Experience! Come behind the scenes of A GAME PLAY LEARN EVENT  >> The FIRST ULTIMATE MULTI-SPORT EXPERIENCE for Kids 6-12   We will share with you how to implement the Learning … Read More

GAME PLAY LEARN Events Registration


 WELCOME TO GAME PLAY LEARN EVENTS NOW OFFERING the opportunity the experience The GAME PLAY LEARN Way! GAME PLAY LEARN Events provides a Self-Determined Environment for kids to because nurtured  in (Self) CONFIDENCE & CREATVIITY, (Social) CONNECTION … Read More

GAME PLAY LEARN Introductory E-Booklet


GAME PLAY LEARN Introduction e-booklet

 Receive a FREE PDF version  A compact 14 page summary of The GAME PLAY LEARN Approach with the overall message to evolve as leaders and empower our learners in their development journey, here is a taste of what … Read More

Player Rights Charter


Player Rights Charter GAME PLAY LEARN

Download the printable .pdf download  Let it remind us of our responsibility to uphold our Learners ‘Rights’.