PlayShop 1: Creative Genius


GPL is The Home of Creative Genius

GPL Playshop with Joey Peters
3 ways to Nurture creative genius in your sessions
Online Zoom
TUESDAY, 11th August, 2020
8 PM - 9:30 PM AEST
WORLD TIMES: London 11 AM - 12:30 PM, New York 6 AM - 7:30 AM, New Dehli 3:30 PM - 5 PM


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You can also give a gift to a Coaching friend with the ‘Bring A Buddy’ Option to affirm their Creative Genius and get support to continue the creative journey.


Hi, I’m Joey Peters, Former Professional Footballer (round-ball football) for 13 years, Accredited Coach for 10 years and for the last 4 years, Founder and Facilitator of The GPL GAME PLAY LEARN Philosophy.

I’d like to invite you to join me Online for a Creative experience I’m calling a PlayShop.


What is a Playshop? Well, it’s a workshop, but it’s not.

Let’s get creative and find a new word.

We don’t need any more ‘work’ in our lives, do we?

Creativity is best expressed through Play, so we’d best be Playing! 

Because what are we offering to our Learners if we’re not enjoying the experience ourselves?

Playshop sets the scene then, as an enjoyable, interactive, learning experience!  Being a coach can be stressful and we can take it so seriously. Let’s play too, shall we?

They’ll be quick questions, time to daydream, play with some Research and Principles, and bring your imagination and innovative ideas to life. (Yes, we all have them, bringing them back from the dead for some of you?) We can all learn from each other as we get in touch with our own Creative Genius.


This PlayShop is for Aspiring Coaches from all sports and contexts who put their Learners FIRST!

You don’t care about ego and you enjoy a good time. You’re curious yet critical, all because you’re just interested in providing as good an environment as possible for each individual to express themselves freely and confidently and to share the love of playing a game, with you and their teammates.

This is also for those who are interested in being formally recognised as a GPL Facilitator.  It will be the first of a number of Online Playshops which will form the basis of GPL Courses that will contribute to the GPL Facilitator Accreditation Process.


1. You’ll Learn some important considerations and misconceptions of Creativity.

2. You’ll Learn 3 Ways to Nurture Creativity Genius in your Sessions: Here’s 3 powerful ways to affirm risk-taking, decision making and ensure each individual player is confident to express themselves creatively. They’ll be easy enough for you to implement in your next session.

3. You’ll Learn The Principles behind the ideas: So you’re not just doing a copy and paste, you’ll understand how to apply the principles with each individual you coach.

4. You’ll Learn how to avoid common coaching flaws: There are many varying coaching methods for certain purposes, if you value creativity you’ll want to be aware of what methods can squash it.

5. Where to Next?: With all this learning we’ll support you with continuing to Nurture yours and others Creative Genius.


This first PlayShop Zoom will be at an introductory price of only $18 AUD ( I can’t believe I’m giving away my gold for that price, I mean, how much is it usually to raise the dead?? ) But I do want to share the Creative Love with as many Coaches as possible to get in touch with your own Creative Genius. AS LONG AS you promise to pass it on to your Learners, ok?

Hang on, So if you have a Squad of 18 players that’s one dollar investment for each one. Yes, they are worth a heck of a lot more than that, so think of it as a gift from JP and GPL to them. Because this is ultimately for them, isn’t it? We just get to be in on the Fun!

Ok, while we’re feeling the Creative Love, I’ll throw in another ticket for only $10 AUD (2 for 1 resurrection bargain??) for a buddy to join you, so you can share the experience and encourage each other in your Creative Genius.

HOW LONG? 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM…ISH

Because it’s a Live and interactive Online PlayShop, we don’t know exactly when it’ll finish up but you’re free to come late and leave early, you’ll get access to the replay for 10 days post PlayShop. (I wish they did that at the Movies!)


Just purchase your ticket below, we will send you the Zoom Link and we shall see you on Tuesday, 11th August, 8 PM AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time: Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra)

We also recommend you join the GPL Community on Facebook with other Creative Geniuses around the world to get extra pumped for the Event and get support to continue your creative journey.