Soccerchix Holiday Event


Welcome to

U11 South Cardiff Soccerchix

Week 1 of  Term 3  School Holidays 2020

3 Days of Football: Monday 28th - Wednesday 30th September

10 am - 12 pm  Daily

at the GPL HUB, Maude St. BELMONT

with Former Matilda Joey Peters

Please bring:

  • Sun Protection (Hat, sunscreen)
  • Water Bottle and Snacks (We will have plenty of breaks)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Shoes to play in (We play on carpet, astro-turf and grass)

“Let’s Get Confident, Be Creative and Have FUN”

“Hi! Joey here, I’m looking forward to meeting you, here’s some information about my unique Coaching Approach called GPL Game Play Learn”

With over 13 years Coaching experience, Former Matilda Joey Peters is now offering kids who are passionate about football, the opportunity to learn in a uniquely creative environment.

Joey designs interactive Small-Sided Games similar to a ‘street environment’ where the kids make lots of decisions, interact with peers, and can be creative and competitive. Much like the superstars of Messi, Neymar Jr and The Great Johan Cruyff did when they were young, this powerful learning environment is also the most FUN!

Cruyff street quote

This experience will help each individual unleash creativity, nurture passion for the game and develop self-confidence, social connection and skill-capabilities.

As parents, there’s also the opportunity to learn more about nurturing sporting potential in your own child through learning more about Joey’s unique GPL Philosophy. Just note your interest on the form below.


For further enquiries, please email 

Otherwise, see you on Monday at 10 am ready to play.

Soccerchix Holiday Event
(You give permission to leave your child with them if you cannot attend)
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