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3 ways to nurture creative genius in your sessions 

This PlayShop is for Aspiring Coaches from all Sports with the best of intentions for their Learners. You don’t care about ego, just providing as good as Environment as possible for each individual to be creative ie. express themselves freely and confidently, to get excited about exploring their own potential and to share the love of playing a game, with you and their teammates.

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GPL at Nelson Bay Football Club

Bringing The GPL Philosophy to Nelson Bay Football Club.

Players are used to drills and Coaches focusing on technique, which was also my experience as a player and first few years of Coaching. Unfortunately not many Coaches know that you can develop not only technical skill, but tactical, physical, strategical, competitive, creative, you name it, every skill, all at once!

It’s a Facilitative Framework: Design the GAME - Let them PLAY - Watch them LEARN.


Discover your passion and potential in sport with Mini Games, with guidance from Joey Peters.

Where Skills and Passion are discovered through Game Play, not drilled into the players. When given space to grow in confidence, watch them bring out their best!

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GPL Mini Football

Mini-Football: The Best Game in Town

This is the best game in Town for 5-14 year olds and we are doing it from Wednesday 22 July at the GPL Hub! With the 2v2 format, you'll get more touches, shots, saves... trust me that it's got everything including heaps more ENJOYMENT.

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GPL Superbilities

GPL is proud to provide fun, social events for ‘Superbilities’ of all ages and their Families and Friends.

We believe in an Inclusive Approach that’s engaging for each individual to grow in confidence and be supported to explore their unique passion and potential for Sport and Life!

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Superbilities Saturday Discos

GPL Futsal

Without the pressures of  ‘formal competition rules’, Street Futsal is an exciting, fast-paced, game where the rules become flexible to create less stoppages and more game time.

No coaches, No formal refereeing, just Facilitating PLAY; Giving the game back to the players, to enjoy it their way!

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GPL Baby Hub Fun

We believe in a Playful Approach that’s unique for each individual to grow in confidence and be supported to explore their unique passion and potential for Sport and Life!

Bring your ‘Baby’ (0-5 years) to the GPL Hub in Belmont for an explorative play experience of ‘Physical Art’ i.e introducing them to creative expression and sporting affordances with balls and equipment to learn and have fun with.

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Broadmeadow Magic FC Development Program

Join Joey Peters on a journey of creativity and see confidence, passion and enjoyment grow!

Joey Peters, founder of GPL, will be facilitating a dynamic Girls 10-week GPL program at Broadmeadow Magic FC Football Academy. This is a great opportunity to grow the game for girls with the Football World Cup coming up in 2023, and empower them for a great future both on and off the field.

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