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Welcome to the Free Play Family!

We are a group of Sports and Learning Enthusiasts who understand and have experienced how important Play is, particularly for Children.

We call it ‘Free Play’ because in a Sporting context, Coach-directed activities are the current cultural norm, yet telling children what to do, is not Play (according to Dr. Peter Gray) because ‘one of the crucial defining characteristics of play is that’s it’s self-directed.’

‘Children are deprived of the freedom of play – they are constantly in school or school-like activities. Even when at home they might not be allowed to just go out and play with other kids, and if they do, they don’t see other kids to play with so they come back inside.’

Peter Gray

Therefore, as Coaches and Facilitators of Sporting Environments, HOW do we unleash this powerful dynamic of learning whilst still Leading and being present?

If you value Free Play and would like to learn HOW you can bring it to life in a Sporting context or if you are already Facilitating Free Play and would like to share your experiences and learn together:

JOIN The Free Play Family HERE

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Free Play Family

  • Debbie Sayers Salisbury Rovers FC
  • Ted Kroetten Joy of the People
  • Paul Cooper National Children’s Football Alliance.
  • Paul ‘Goody’ Goodwin live4footy
  • Joey Peters Game, Play, Learn

Free Play References

Free Play Pledge

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Peter Gray - The Decline of Play (TEDx, YouTube)

Free Play with Debbie Sayers - Player Development Project Podcast

The Free Play Family: Deb, Ted and Joey with Stu Armstrong - Talent Equation Podcast

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