Let the Kids DESIGN

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Let the Kids Design


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Let the Kids DESIGN

Many coaches today still regard young players as ’empty vessels’ that need to be filled instead of young people with amazing potential and intelligence to be stimulated and tapped into.Horst Wein
  • As coaches we pride ourselves on being experts in learning design, don’t we?
  • We educate ourselves as adults so we can transfer that knowledge to our young learners, don’t we?
  • When it comes to deliberate practice, surely there’s learning outcomes and we instruct players on what’s best for them, don’t we?

Just imagine for a minute, what it would be like if the children got the chance to:

Design their own GAME
and facilitate its LEARNing

to be shared as a collaborative, competitive and creative experience for all.

When we think about it, this is what children do best naturally anyway.



As you will see in following 3 minute video:

  • FIRSTLY, a group of keen young tennis players in the playground competing intensely in a unique game designed, played and facilitated by them.
  • THEN we hear the sounds of engaging collaboration in a game where the coach isn’t doing the communicating and problem solving, the players are.
  • LASTLY but most interestingly we see the following ‘Deliberate Practice’ Game. Designed by two players in the group, as the game emerges in real-time, it’s an opportunity to collaborate together, and ‘stimulate and tap into the players potential and intelligence’. 



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