No Design Needed

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Game Design Series

Blog 5

No Design Needed

In our fifth and final blog of the GAME DESIGN Series, we thought it fitting to include the importance of the unstructured session for learners, where no game design is needed from us.

In Developing Sport Expertise, Jean Cote and Jessica Fraser-Thomas assert that deliberate play is as essential as structured practice.

Deliberate play is activities such as backyard soccer or street basketball that are regulated by age-adapted rules and are set up and monitored by the children or adults engaged in the activity. These activities are intrinsically motivating, provide immediate gratification and are specifically designed to maximize enjoyment.Jean Cote

Even government sporting organisations are now recognising and supporting;

The importance of deliberate play to skill development

Australian Sports Commission

“Deliberate play, or unorganised play and practice, at home by a child on their own or with family and friends is a valuable adjunct to organised sport. Deliberate play promotes movement problem solving, creativity, diversification, variability and adaptability of skills, self-challenge and mastery.”

Q. So as facilitators then, how does this impact our role as Leaders?

So as we conclude this GAME DESIGN Series with a short video, you’ll see there’s no music, no sub-titles, No Design Needed. It’s in the imagination of each individual that joins together for wonderful life-learning experiences.  So as Leaders, sometimes -

there’s no need to Design a GAME,

we just Let Them PLAY,

and Watch Them LEARN.


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