Repetition must be in a Representative Setting

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“Transfer of practice to match conditions depends on the extent to which the practice resembles the game.”Richard Magill

Representative Learning ensures the integrity of the task or game is upheld. Is the game to score and defend some sort of goal or target? Then let’s make sure as facilitators we include the necessary information for exposure to the whole task to take place.

Once game integrity is upheld, we can then use the Constraints-Led Approach to highlight certain information for our purpose.

Since we know repetition is important in learning, we also need to ensure there is enough repeated exposure to the task.

How then do we ensure we’re both representing the whole game whilst giving our learners valuable repetition of purposeful actions?


In the above graphic, we see the spectrum of Representative Learning and the use of Repetition in learning in the task of playing football.

  • More Representative: Low Reps
    If we want a full representation, we play a normal 11v11 game. But to consider learning, we need to increase the number of purposeful actions for each player to improve through high repetition of the whole task.
  • More Representative: High Reps
    We can start to reduce the game in numbers and space  to increase repetition and invitations for each player (3v3 pictured) yet still upholding the game’s integrity.
  • Less Representative: High Reps Design shows each player getting more actions by each having a ball in an area, but has limited representation of a game of football without teammates, opponents, direction or goals.
  • Less Representative: Low Reps shows a line-up of players in a drill that has limited representation to the game of football, asking very little of perceptual demands and lines create limited opportunity for repetition.
Which of the above could be the ultimate balance of repetition in a representative setting to enable transfer of practice to match conditions?

Consider your next practice design…

Have you balanced repetition and representative learning to enable your learners to transfer practice to their performance ??

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