A Facilitator's Mentorship

Facilitate the GPL Way with your Team

We invite you to become a Facilitator of The GAME PLAY LEARN Way. More ENJOYMENT and LEARNING for your players, less STRESS and PRESSURE on you as a coach.

It’s a NEW WAY of COACHING that’s desperately needed in Sport from working grass-roots kids through to Professional Adults.

It means being OPEN TO CHANGE. It means we question the current cultures, and we research and explore possibilities to move forward as Life-Long Learners.

If you ARE OPEN to LEARNING new ways of doing things and CHALLENGING the status quo, you’re more than ready for The GPL Way.

Facilitate The GPL Way in your own Sporting Context. Reap all the benefits of Participation through to Performance needs for yourself, your players and Club as you’re mentored over a Sporting Season by GPL Founder and Facilitator herself, Joey Peters.

Joey will work closely with you Online to get to know you, your context and support you to learn and apply The GPL Philosophy so you have more enjoyment, more improvement with each Individual and as a Team.

  • A Shared Vision

    You need a ‘Shared’ Vision, not an ‘Imposed’ Vision from one person coming up with their own agenda. Think about your context and your participants needs. Involve them in the process so you can journey together. Your Aims, Values and Principles will flow from this Shared Vision.

  • Referencing The Vision

    ENvision the type of environment that your participants will thrive in. Is there a new Reference you can introduce to your context to help demonstrate the shift to Lead by Facilitating? Something new and different can be exciting and help those you work with to be open to other ways of doing things.

  • Underpinning Theory

    There are no excuses for us not to be investing and adding to our knowledge for the sake of our participants. Don’t be scared to dive into the world of academia and learning theories. It will only give you confidence in what you are delivering whilst expanding your world of learning.

  • Design the Game

    Let’s Get Game Designing! Try out our Introductory Games or design your own! We’d love see what you come up with and what emerges in your sessions.

  • Let them Play

    How do you engage every individual in a group environment? Through Facilitating Play you can enable connection between the group and the environment in the most powerful way.

  • Watch them Learn

    We introduce the power of Learning Dynamics and why your role as coach needs to observe more and talk less.

  • Relationship

    How are your Relationships going with your Learners? When we say ‘relationship’ it doesn’t mean you have to invest yourself emotionally in their lives. We need to look at relationship in a more professional and intentional way as Facilitators to ensure they feel supported and connected.

  • Collaboration

    Parents, Management, other Coaches all need to work together. You can take the initiative and collaborate in a positive way to ensure you’re all moving forward together.

  • Competition

    The Competitive realm can a difficult dynamic to negotiate. How do you nurture a competitive spirit without compromising learning values?

  • Reflection

    Prepare > Participate > Reflect. It’s the constant learning loop that you can practice to ensure you are moving forward on this journey. Do it ‘in the moment’ and also invest time into Reflecting on this Learning Journey.

To bring this Framework to life, we are offering a Mentorship. YOU are invited to be front and centre of your Learning Journey. We want to walk beside you to help you make the shift to Facilitator.


The Mentorship requires a 6-12 month investment to implement A Facilitators Framework  in your context. As we often say, it’s a long-term learning journey and we need to establish long-term relationships with those around us if we are to make a lasting difference in someone’s life.

You and those you are collaborating with need to open to change, and we know change challenges people. This is not to be taken lightly. We have a responsibility to bring everyone on our Learning Journey, so that when we do implement change, it’s for good reason and they know exactly why!

What’s included?

You will spend at least 2 weeks on each Focus Area to begin implementing The Framework in the following ways:

  • Read a Blog Study and contribute to Questions and Discussion Notes on implementing the Focus Area in your own context.
  • Join a Facebook Group Collaboration with others to articulate your Learning. (‘GPL Community’ or form your own!)
  • Post a Video of a session in your context to discuss and analyse.
  • A Fortnightly Skype Call with The GAME PLAY LEARN Team to review the Focus Area and introduce the next.

As part of the Reflection, we will have compiled a comprehensive, personalised Resource for you of all the Focus Areas and your Learnings for you to take with you.

If a Facilitator’s Mentorship is something you would like to pursue for Yourself and Your players this season, please EMAIL US

The next step would be to organise an Introductory Discussion via Skype or phone to find out more about your context, discuss the finer details and address any other questions you may have before committing to the Mentorship.

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