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Ultimate Handball a Multi-Sport Game Design

Ultimate Handball a Multi-Sport Game Design

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  1. My sport is not football however the relevance of what you say is the same. I am looking forward to continuing my journey as a coach/facilitator rather than as a coach/instructor. I have coached for over 30 years now and learnt more in the last couple of year than I had in the first 28 or so.
    I love creating grills - game based drills and then let my student/athletes work together to solve all the challenges.

    Your site is spot on!

    1. Thanks Dan,
      Yes, isn’t it interesting when that light switch turns on and we realise it’s not about us instructing but rather facilitating! ‘Grills’ sounds like a fun way to keep your learners engaged.
      We appreciate your feedback and support 🙂

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